Car battery failure is one of the biggest causes of automobile breakdowns in the New England region and AutoFair Hyundai of Manchester, NH wants to make certain this does not happen to you. Let us run a battery check for you on your next visit. If you need a new battery we'll help you select just the right one.

The AutoFair Hyundai Battery Service Difference:
Battery specification perfectly matched to your vehicle.
The correct battery will be properly installed by our certified
           technicians to accommodate the technology in today's vehicles.
36-Month Free Replacement/100-Month Limited Warranty.
Competitive pricing.

Did you know the climate and weather conditions where you live can affect the life or your car battery? It's true, warm and hot weather conditions can significantly reduce the lifespan of a car battery. Even if you live in a mild weather climate like New Hampshire, your battery may inevitably have issues during the hot summer months, especially is you travel to warmer areas further down south for your summer or winter vacation. 

Before going on any long-distance vacation, you may want to bring your vehicle to our service department at AutoFair Hyundai in Manchester, NH to ensure your battery and vehicle are ready for your trip ahead. We'll test your battery and make sure the terminal posts are clean and free of any acid residue and the water level in the cells of any traditional battery are topped off. We know and understand the last thing you want to do during a vacation, is to be stranded out of nowhere with car battery problems.

If your vehicle requires a new battery, our service department at AutoFair Hyundai in Manchester, NH will get you get back on the road with a recommended Hyundai approved battery for your vehicle. Even if you don't own a Hyundai we'll be able to replace your car battery with a quality replacement at our guaranteed low price. At AutoFair Hyundai of Manchester we want you to keep coming back for all your car care needs. Our #1 goal is your complete safety and satisfaction.

The AutoFair Hyundai Service Difference 
With decades of professional auto service experience in the Manchester, NH area, our knowledgeable service advisor staff is here to answer any question you may have about your automobile and battery. We're here to help you through the entire service process. Enjoy convenient same day appointments and free shuttle service.