Say Goodbye to the Bus Stop

Those that utilize public transportation know that it isn't the most reliable way to make the commute to work. Because of the possibility of the buses or subways running late many leave for work much earlier than necessary. Because of strict tardiness policies at work many have no choice but to leave an hour or two hours early just to assure themselves plenty of time for early arrival. While sometimes public transportation is the most cost effective way to get to work, it isn't always the most efficient. By leaving for work earlier you are not only losing sleep, but also valuable time with your family. Purchasing a vehicle doesn't necessarily have to put stress on your wallet. Pre-owned cars are readily available to those looking for a more affordable vehicle. Purchasing a used car is a great way to take back the time that can be stolen by public transportation. Without the added stress of waking up early, you will feel like you once again have control of your life. 

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