Change Your Oil -- Cheaply

It's that time again.  You're due for your oil change. More money and time to spend on something that feels pointless.  Nonetheless, changing your oil is critical to the maintenance of your car. Your car may seem clean and healthy on the exterior, but, the more that you drive your car, the more contaminants get into your oil that you cannot easily detect. This is particularly true in New Hampshire, where the conditions are harsh. These contaminants can cause sludge, which sticks to the car's engine and makes it perform less efficiently.  This, in turn, can hurt the performance and life of your car.

Auto Fair Hyundai in Manchester, New Hampshire recommends that you change your oil every 3,750 miles. Auto Fair Hyundai is the home of the $17.95 oil change. Our friendly staff will provide top quality service to your automobile -- even if it is not a Hyundai.

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