Buying Your Teenager’s First Car

The day you've been dreading is finally here. Your little baby grew up and passed her driver's test. You're glad she was listening during all those lessons, but you're also terrified about her being on the road. While it's something you're eventually going to have to come to terms with, buying a safe and reliable car for her might help you relax. If you aren't giving her a hand-me-down car, consider the following when making your purchase.

First, remember that it's okay to buy a used car. Certified pre-owned cars are just as safe, and they even come with the same warrantees and special guarantees as a new car. You'll save thousands of dollars this way.

Next, do your research into safety features. From the ABS to the brand of airbag, make sure you're comfortable with the car you're purchasing inside and out.

Finally, look for cars that offer special safety features specifically for teens. For example, Hyundai cars come with the Blue Link option. You can monitor your teen's driving habits and receive notifications if she drives past a certain time or outside a certain boundary. Talk to a representative at your local Hyundai car dealership to find out how to take advantage of the technology.

Watching your baby drive away for the first time will be tough, but knowing that you bought a safe car at a low price will help. 
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